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Mar. 9th, 2008


Four Voices

Title: Four Voices
Author: thebirdwoman
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1500 ish
Spoilers: Major ones for 1.06, Countrycide
Disclaimer: Everything Torchwood related belongs to the Beeb
Summary: Four snapshots of Ianto through the eyes of the other team members, set in the weeks following Countrycide. Includes an attempt to explain the stopwatch.

Four VoicesCollapse )


Unbeta'd, so any concrit welcome. If anyone wants to suggest a snappier title I'd be delighted - I suck at titles.

Mar. 5th, 2008


Torchwood is bothering me.

Spoilers for season 1 and episode 2.05.Collapse )

Mar. 1st, 2008


It's not like that

Title: It's not like that
Author: thebirdwoman
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: 15
Word Count: 500 ish
Spoilers: Minor ones for various episodes up to 2.08, "A Day in the Death"
Disclaimer: Everything Torchwood related belongs to the Beeb
Summary: Just some thoughts about what Jack and Ianto's relationship is, and what it isn't.

It's not like thatCollapse )

Feb. 28th, 2008


Faith and Hope

OK (drum roll) here it is: my first fanfic (assuming stories written about roleplaying games don't count).

Title: Faith and Hope
Author: thebirdwoman
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: 15
Word Count: Just over 4,000
Spoilers: Up to and including 2.05, "Adam"
Disclaimer: Everything Torchwood related belongs to the Beeb
Author's Note: Thanks very muchly indeed to the wonderful white_hart and emptyheaven for the beta. Any mistakes that are left are all mine.
Summary: An alternative ending to "Adam"

Faith and HopeCollapse )

Feb. 27th, 2008


Regeneration: Part 3

Regeneration: Part 3 - HomecomingCollapse )

And that was the beginning of the next campaign, in which Storm Front went into space. And boy was it fun! Although I do feel sorry for wee Mark turning up in London with nothing but a phone number and a note written in an alien language.


Regeneration: Part 2

Warning: This is Quite Silly. But hey, it's superheroes.

Regeneration: Part 2 - The Next GenerationCollapse )

Feb. 26th, 2008


Regeneration: Part 1

Fast forward a few months. Jinx delivered her message in 1988, got recruited (rather accidentally) into the British Government's official superhero team, and helped to stop an invasion of her former alien masters, the Krai (which for reasons I forget involved going to the Moon). She was supposed to be erased from the timeline as that then meant that the invasion that created the future she was from never happened (still with me?) but, for reasons that were explained later on, remained in existence. Basically, the deal was, I got to keep playing my favourite character if I could explain to Al where Jinx disappeared to when I buggered off to South America for a couple of months in the middle of the campaign. This, of course, led to stories.

Regeneration: Part 1 - A Lull in the StormCollapse )



This is going back a long way - I wrote this story in the spring of 2000, when I first started playing my friend Al's superheroes campaign. I think it says a lot about the quality of the game that 8 years later I still look back fondly and I still want to (occasionally) re-read these stories. I freely admit that I obsessed about that game, and particularly my character, Jinx. This story was written at the beginning of the campaign as background and introduction.

JinxedCollapse )

Note: The message, if I remember correctly, was "strikeback." Ah, those were the days!



I'm planning on shifting some of the focus of this journal from photos and knitting (which have mostly migrated to my knitting blog), and over to writing. It occurred to me that since I took my old website down my Golden Heroes stories haven't had a home (not sure who'd want to read them, but I like having them around). And if I am going to start posting Torchwood fanfic I want it to be public, and since my regular journal's friends-only I'm going to stick it here.

Feel free to unfriend a_tangled_bank if you don't fancy reading lots of geeky fannish stuff. I don't imagine I'm going to start writing proper slash anytime soon, though, so there's no need to be scared. ;-)

Oh, and I apologise in advance for flooding your Flists with lots of old Golden Heroes stuff.

Jan. 2nd, 2008


Knitting for the new year

I'm finally in the finishing stages of Ivy. I've nearly finished the sleeve increases, so the sleeves are about half finished. Then I need to block the pieces, knit the ties, and sew it together (which will take ages because I'm both a perfectionist and rubbish at sewing). I've got several small projects lined up - Gretel, one of Ysolda's gorgeous berets, has been top of my Ravelry queue for quite a while. I'm planning on knitting the medium size (not too slouchy) using DB Cashmerino Aran in a bright red to match my Rosalind scarf. I've also promised pluginchris a pair of manly fingerless gloves, probably Knucks, in a manly colour (I fancy something tweedy in black or dark grey). My friend J's baby is due in March, so I've got a couple of projects lined up for him or her - the adorable toy elephant Elijah (another one from Ysolda!) and the wonderfully colourful baby sweater Five Fruits, from Magknits.

I'm also mulling over some soft furnishings for the flat. I was thinking of tackling the mighty (and expensive) Lizard Ridge, but I'm currently leaning towards cushions. Simply because I already have a soft, fleece blanket and I can't see a knitted one getting half as much use. And our cushions are all a bit old and worn. I've found several different cushion patterns and I was thinking of making perhaps four different cushions, but in the same yarns. (Yes, I realise this will take me ages and I'll probably get bored and give up!)

However. I feel the urge to be knitting a sweater and, since Ivy is nearly done, I'm already on the lookout for my Next Big Project.

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