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March 2008

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thebirdwoman in a_tangled_bank

Knitting for the new year

I'm finally in the finishing stages of Ivy. I've nearly finished the sleeve increases, so the sleeves are about half finished. Then I need to block the pieces, knit the ties, and sew it together (which will take ages because I'm both a perfectionist and rubbish at sewing). I've got several small projects lined up - Gretel, one of Ysolda's gorgeous berets, has been top of my Ravelry queue for quite a while. I'm planning on knitting the medium size (not too slouchy) using DB Cashmerino Aran in a bright red to match my Rosalind scarf. I've also promised pluginchris a pair of manly fingerless gloves, probably Knucks, in a manly colour (I fancy something tweedy in black or dark grey). My friend J's baby is due in March, so I've got a couple of projects lined up for him or her - the adorable toy elephant Elijah (another one from Ysolda!) and the wonderfully colourful baby sweater Five Fruits, from Magknits.

I'm also mulling over some soft furnishings for the flat. I was thinking of tackling the mighty (and expensive) Lizard Ridge, but I'm currently leaning towards cushions. Simply because I already have a soft, fleece blanket and I can't see a knitted one getting half as much use. And our cushions are all a bit old and worn. I've found several different cushion patterns and I was thinking of making perhaps four different cushions, but in the same yarns. (Yes, I realise this will take me ages and I'll probably get bored and give up!)

However. I feel the urge to be knitting a sweater and, since Ivy is nearly done, I'm already on the lookout for my Next Big Project.

Decision 1: Hoodie or sensible cardigan? I need both, and have several nice patterns in mind for each. I'm leaning towards hoodie at the moment, but we'll see.

Decision 2: Assuming I decide on a hoodie, which pattern? I was thinking of Roam from Knitty, but now I'm thinking that an entire sweater in unrelenting seed stitch might bore me to tears. I'm thinking cables. Here are some options (none of the photos are mine, by the way. They're here for illustration only. Pictures are links to the pattern's Ravelry page).

Celtic Icon, from the book Inspired Cable Knits, which I have. Love the cabling, not sure about the way the cable continues up the back of the hood.

Central Park Hoodie. It seems like nearly everyone in the knitting Interweb has knit this pattern, but it is very pretty.

Mariah, from Knitty. I think I'd make this a little longer than in the picture, but the cables are very nice.

Or, just to be completely different, I could make Forecast. Not a hoodie, but very unusual and pretty. I'd possibly modify the sleeves are described here. Looking at the Ravelry projects page for this pattern, it looks very elegant on tall, slim people, so (assuming I knit it properly!) it should suit me.

Time for a poll!

What sweater should I knit next?

Roam - seed stitch may be boring, but the shaping is very flattering
Celtic Icon - you've bought the book, you might as well use it!
Central Park Hoodie - so what if everyone else and their dog has knit it?
Mariah - with a little more length it would look lovely.
Forecast - forget the hoodie, let's go quirky!